What are the formulas in computing pediatric doses?

Answer The dosage of drugs in children is calculated on the basis of body weight.

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What doses does lexapro come in?

Lexapro is available in tablet form and as an oral solution. The tablets are available in 5-, 10-, and 20-mg doses. The oral solution is only available in 1 mg per mL strength.Source:Lexapro prescr... Read More »

Why do some vitamins have such high doses?

Isn't iodine necessary, especially for an under active thyroid?The RDA is for minimal needs, not optimal needs or upper limits. And the minimal needs is usually controversial so they include as lo... Read More »

The Effects of Large Doses of Zinc?

Zinc is a heavy metal used to boost the immune system and help wounds heal. It is necessary for healthy cell division and protein synthesis. Zinc is also necessary for the proper usage of copper in... Read More »

Doses linda rondstadt have any siblings?

a sister named Shirley and a brother named Burton