What are the foods you should avoid if you have a heart problem?

Answer Foods that are high in cholesterol and spicy foods ( High in sodium).

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How to cure a heart problem called ectopic heart beats?

Hi David,I have had ectopic heart bears for over 20 years. I know that they are most disconcerting. As long as you have seen a doctor about these, and have had the beats diagnosed as benign, there ... Read More »

What foods should you eat if you have fibroid and which foods should you avoid?

I have a 16cm fibroid that I am trying to shrink by changing my diet. I dont know for certainty the answer to your question but I have read that is best to avoid soy, all dairy and meat products. T... Read More »

My heart stops beating sometimes could I have a heart problem?

Well, I don't think that your heart stopped for a minute, if only because I don't think you would be able to maintain consciousness for even half of that time without some blood flow to your brain,... Read More »

Heart problem Heart attack?

If it was heartburn you would expect it to occur more often.If it was heart palpitations due to a magnesium deficiency you would also expect it to occur more often.A doctor would probably tell you ... Read More »