What are the flowering and fruiting times for almond trees?

Answer About seven or eight months after the flowering is the fall fruiting time of the almond tree [Prunus spp]. An almond tree that isn't flowering or fruiting properly needs to be fertilized and have i... Read More »

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How many times a year do you need to spray almond&hazelnut trees?

In the fall, after harvest and leaf fall, spray almond and hazelnut trees with fixed copper for pest control. During the winter, spray the trees with a dormant oil of lime and sulfur after pruning.... Read More »

Information on the Dwarf Flowering Almond?

Originating in China and Japan, the Dwarf Flowering Almond is a flowering shrub commonly used as a border or specimen plant. This shrub grows at a moderate rate, and can be planted in a container a... Read More »

How do I plant pink flowering almond shrubs?

Prepare the SoilRemove the weeds or debris in the planting area. Lay a 2-inch layer of organic material such as peat moss or straw over the ground, and sprinkle with a handful or granular fertilize... Read More »

When do almond trees bloom?

Almond trees begin to bloom with flowers in early spring and begin bearing almonds several months after bloom. Almond trees are native to the Middle East and grow in mild climates such as areas of ... Read More »