What Are The Hottest Peppers On The US Market?

Answer the worlds hottest pepper (scientific proof [in my source {has hotness scale}]) is the naga jolokia pepper. next 3 hottest are the dorset naga, then the chocolate brown habanero, finally the famous... Read More »

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How do I grow the hottest peppers?

Choose the smallest pepper available to grow. As a rule of thumb, the smaller a pepper is the hotter it will be. The world's hottest pepper is the Naga Jolokia, surpassing the habanero and the ser... Read More »

What is the hottest temperature in the world?

The hottest temperature ever recorded was in El Azizia, Libya, on September 13, 1922. On that day, the temperature reached a whopping 136 degrees Fahrenheit or 58 degrees Celsius. Libya is a countr... Read More »

Did peppers come from the new world or the old world?

All of the capsicum peppers--including habenero, chile, cayenne and pimiento--are native to the Central and South America. They were introduced to the Old World, or Europe, Africa and Asia, by Chri... Read More »

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