What are the five common types of lighting?

Answer Different lighting sources provide certain types of light for specific applications. Light quality is determined by how a lighting instrument works. An emphasis on energy efficiency has changed whi... Read More »

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What are the common names of five shrubs and five climbers commonly used for planting along roadsides or parks?

in singapore: 5 common shrubs: 1. spider lily 2. bi-colored excoecaria 3. dwarf lemon 4. golden dewdrop 5. ixora 5 common climbers: 1. bougainvillea 2. morning glory 3. money plant 4. go... Read More »

What were five modern kitchen appliances common by 1940?

Electrical appliances began appearing at the beginning of the 20th century, offering new-found convenience for homemakers. Many of today's standard kitchen appliances could be found in kitchens of ... Read More »

What Are Five Different Types of Flatworms?

The majority of flatworms are microscopic invertebrates that rely on animals for food. They are typically associated with stomach illnesses and are classified as parasites. Flatworms have no form o... Read More »

Types of Ambient Lighting?

According to HGTV designer Erinn Valencich, "Any good lighting plan starts with three layers of light--ambient, task and accent." Ambient light fixtures provide the overall lighting for a room. The... Read More »