What are some of the first symptoms of pregnancy?

Answer Answer Different people have different sympotoms, some of the more common symptoms are sore breasts, nausea throughout the day (not just in the mornings), having to urinate alot, weird strange crav... Read More »

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What are the symptoms for the first 3 weeks of pregnancy?

Cessation of menstruation,bloatedness, tachycardia, urinary frequency,tired easily, nausea and vomiting.

What are the symptoms of first month of pregnancy?

AnswerOk, so I know everyone is different. But I think I am at least 4-5 weeks pregnant. I have very sore breasts, nausea, low back ache, stomach cramps can't stopping peeing all the time and I am ... Read More »

Are flu like symptoms such as body aches and aching eyes symptoms of pregnancy because you have heard flu like symptoms can happen in pregnancy?

You may have body aches but aching eyes would not be a typical symptom of pregnancy. Usually when it is said that you might have flu-like symptoms with pregnancy, it is referring more to the malais... Read More »

Can you have pregnancy symptoms the first week?

Answer Opinion 1: Yes, you can have symnptoms before you have even gotten to the point of missing a period. Sometimes the symptoms can be caused by something other than pregnancy so you should tak... Read More »