What are the first signs of dementia?

Answer Dementia is a disorder in which your thinking, memory and ability to learn deteriorate. Since dementia progressively diminishes your memory, there are early symptoms.SignificanceAccording to the Me... Read More »

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What are the first signs of scabies?

The first sign of a scabies infection is an itchy rash. This occurs because tiny bugs called scabies mites dig into human skin and cause small blisters, as the University of Michigan Health System ... Read More »

What are the first signs a dog is pregnant?

If you own a female dog, you should be aware of the first signs of canine pregnancy in order to provide proper care for your pet and her litter. Initial signs of pregnancy may not always be evident... Read More »

What are the first signs of being anaemic?

Anemia goes undetected in many people, and symptoms can be small and vague. Most commonly, people with anemia report a feeling of weakness or fatigue in general or during exercise, general malaise ... Read More »

What are the first signs of lung cancer?

coughing, I only had a small cough, so I let it go. The next thing I felt was a pain in my chest that went into my back, and down my arm. I went to my dr. who ordered a chest exray, it showed a mas... Read More »