If someone was calling the UK from the US, what would the digits be for the first part of the phone-number?

Answer From the US it's actually 01144 then the number. Drop the 0 from the beginning of the number.So the UK number 0207 444 5555 from the US would be:01144 207 444 5555The International dialling prefix... Read More »

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How many threes are there in the first one million digits of pi?

The ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter is represented by pi. This number is an infinite decimal with no known repeating strings of numbers. The number three appears 100,230 time... Read More »

What is the index number for the 1,000,000 digits of pi website?

There are many sites with Pi to one million digits, here is one:…

If you give out last 4-digits of your social security number, what can people do with it ?

Sometimes sites or other services require the last 4 of a social for security purposes. Nothing they can do with just the last 4 alone otherwise like identity theft

How to Find Sums of Digits?

The sum of digits, also termed arithmetically as digit sum, is simply a sum of all the digits constituting a number. The only catch is that if the sum of digits constituting a number is a number th... Read More »