What are the examples of plants that grow from spores?

Answer most fungi

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What are some plants that you can grow from clippings?

Easily grown plants from cuttings would include English ivy, goldfish plants, wandering jew, pothos, crown of thorns, swedish ivy, prayer plant, brugmansia.Most anything viney is really easy to gro... Read More »

List of Plants That Grow From Seeds?

Growing plants from seed can be a fun way to expand a garden plot. Seed plants may sometimes self-seed and replant themselves, saving the gardener the time. Plants that come from seed in the garden... Read More »

What do jalapenos grow from examples flower plant tree etc?

They grow from plants. First there are small flowers, then the pepper appears.

Can you grow plants from seeds that have been frozen?

Frozen seeds sprout as well as seeds that have not been frozen. In some cases frozen seeds sprout even better than ordinary seeds, especially when they are saved for periods longer than one year. S... Read More »