What are the examples of plants that grow from spores?

Answer most fungi

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What is the function of seeds&spores in plants?

Plants reproduce by means of spores or seeds. Flowering plants that rely on pollination for reproduction create seeds as a result of that process. Non-flowering plants, such as ferns, rely on spo... Read More »

How do I grow psilocybin mushroom spores?

PreparationFill a shoe box half full of brown rice flower or vermiculite, which are the preferred growing foundations for psilocybin mushrooms. Purchase psilocybin mushroom spores, or a culture, fr... Read More »

What must seeds and spores do before they grow in soil?

They need water, correct temperature (warmth), and a good location (such as in soil).

Examples of Shrub Plants?

Shrubs are very similar to trees in that both have woody branches that remain alive throughout the year. Shrubs differ by virtue of branches that grow near or below ground level, while trees typica... Read More »