What are the examples of herbaceous plants?

Answer Irises, Peonies, Carrots, Nasturtiums, Cosmos, and Alfalfa

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Herbaceous Perennial Plants?

Herbaceous plants have soft, green, succulent foliage that after three growing seasons does not become woody. Trees and shrubs are not herbaceous, because of their woody stems, even if they die bac... Read More »

How herbaceous plants improve human life more efficiently?

No, you can put plastic in the microwave which would melt in the oven and metal dishes are oven safe but can't be used in the microwave. Glass works in either.

What are some examples of non-flowering plants?

Some examples of non-flowering plants are: ferns, pine trees, mosses, isoetes, selgenella, adiantum, equisetum, and nephrolepis.

What are examples of shrubby plants?