What are the elements of JavaScript?

Answer Like any other language —be it English, Japanese, or C++— JavaScript has some basic elements with which you work. In JavaScript these include: • objects • variables • arrays â... Read More »

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How to Insert Elements With DIV in JavaScript?

JavaScript gives programmers the tools to modify the invisible framework of a Web page known as the Document Object Model (DOM). The DOM is the application programming interface of HyperText Markup... Read More »

How do I delete Adobe Photoshop elements 5 without effecting Elements 7?

New Software is SafeDeleting an earlier version of Photoshop Elements will not effect the most current version of the software installed on your computer. The earlier version will have contained le... Read More »

Difference Between Macro-Elements & Micro-Elements?

Most plants and animals require certain mineral ions in order to live; these are classified as either macroelements or micro elements. Since animals easily consume these minerals through food, macr... Read More »

What Is the Difference Between Photoshop Elements 3.0 & Premier Elements 3.0?

Adobe offers commercial versions of two of its most popular software packages. The commercial versions are less expensive and easier to use than the professional versions. Photoshop Elements 3 and ... Read More »