What are the effects&causes of air pollution?

Answer According to National Geographic, air pollution is "any substance that people introduce into the atmosphere that has damaging effects on living things and the environment." Although the causes and ... Read More »

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Man-Made Causes of Air Pollution?

Man is responsible for most of the world's air pollution, both indoors and outdoors. Everything from smoking a cigarette to burning fossil fuels tarnishes the air we breathe and potentially causes ... Read More »

How much pollution does a car create?

The average car emits around 13,030 lbs. of carbon dioxide per year. That is the equivalent of 5.8 tons. This figure is based on car that gets 21 miles per gallon and is driven about 30 miles a day... Read More »

When did car pollution become a problem?

On One Hand: Car ownership rose following WWII.Car ownership tended to rise and fall along with the national economy, but after World War II ended, there was a boom in the automobile market, accord... Read More »

How much pollution does a car make in one day?

An average car will use about 1.4 gallons of gas and emit about 36 pounds of carbon dioxide (CO2) per 30 miles driven. Therefore, a person driving 60 miles per day will be putting about 72 pounds o... Read More »