What are the effects on the skin for cocaine users?

Answer Cocaine is a highly addictive drug that gives a short-term high with long-term side effects. As soon as the high wears off, the need for more keeps getting worse. If cocaine is absorbed through the... Read More »

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What Are the Effects on the Skin for Heroin Users?

Heroin is a highly dangerous and addictive drug that is derived from the narcotic morphine. Heroin is the most commonly used narcotic and is usually injected or inhaled, but it can also be smoked. ... Read More »

After effects of cocaine?

slight depression, maybe anxiety probably over thinking it...or it was meth. If you would come down from it after a short while (30 min-1hour) and have to do more, it was probably coke if you did l... Read More »

The effects of cocaine?

i did cocaine twice. allow me to relate my experience. i was at a party and my friend pulled me aside in to another room. he offered me some coke. "what the hell", i said. never done it before... Read More »

Does cocaine have any specific effects on the unborn child?