What are the effects of stun guns?

Answer Police and individuals commonly use stun guns---also known as tasers, although Taser is a name of a particular brand of distance stun gun---as nonlethal defense devices. How safe are they, and what... Read More »

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How far can stun guns shoot?

Most stun guns, also known as tasers, have a range of up to 35 feet. The Taser X26, a popular stun gun used in law enforcement, uses compressed nitrogen to fire a distance of 35 feet.Source:Taser X26

Are stun guns legal in ct?

It is legal to purchase and own a stun gun in Connecticut as long as it is kept within the owner's home. A pending bill that would allow citizens to carry an electronic defense weapon if they have ... Read More »

Are stun guns illegal in Florida?

Stun guns are not illegal in Florida. They can be used in Florida with certain limitations. Individuals under the age of 16 must be under adult supervision when using one. It can be carried in a co... Read More »

Are stun guns illegal in new jersey?

As of April 2010, New Jersey is one of seven states that prohibits all individuals from possessing stun guns. Only in 2009 did the state attorney general permit police officers to use stun guns aga... Read More »