What does really happen inside the brain and body while smoking a cigarette or hookah?

Answer I may want to google it or read a book about it.

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People smoking hookah pens in my establishment?

Loitering is not legal and it hurts your business,call the police.

Why men/women still smoking event they know the hazard effects of smoking?

Some suggest cigarettes are more addictive than crack cocaine. Why do people continue to eat poorly even though they know it's unhealthy? It's human nature my friend.

Does smoking hookah increase heart rate?

Yes, it does, report to ER or consult your doctor.

Is hookah more safer than cigarette smoking ?

I don't think so that hookah is more safer than cigarette smoking. Both are injurious to health.But If you are habitual and used to smoke then try take quality products for this I would recommend y... Read More »