What are the effects of orange juice on teeth?

Answer Answer Orange juice is pretty acidic. I wouldn't soak my teeth in it. Brush your teeth afterwards, and you should be ok. Answer Orange juice also contains a high amount of sugar, and can cause too... Read More »

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What is the effect of orange juice on teeth?

Answer it has citric acid, any acid will destroy teeth.

Orange Juice Apple Juice Tomato Juice Grapefruit Juice Or Pineapple Juice Which do you like better?

They are all good but mater juice rules.Are you hanging out in my garden, just cuz it's yer B day?Hugs,Dallas

Why is it when you brush your teeth after eating/drinking an orange/juice, leave a bad taste in your mouth?

When I eat spam and brush my teeth I get a weird taste too.It's just one of those trade offs.

Orange juice is yellow, so why do they call it ORANGE juice?

Gee, well there's these magical fruits called oranges. And those fruits that are magical just so happen to be squeezed and create a juice!