What are the effects of manmade fertilizer on plants?

Answer [1] Artificial, commercial, conventional, synthetic fertilizers emphasize the three most common nutrients in healthy soil: nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium. That's why they're ka npk fertilizers. [2... Read More »

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Experiments on the Effects of Nitrogen Fertilizer on Plants?

Nitrogen fertilizer does not only affect the plants it is applied to. It also affects the soil the plants are in and the animals that eat nitrogen-fertilized plants. Clinical study results have sho... Read More »

What fertilizer do I put on my hibiscus plants?

When fertilizing your hibiscus plant, you should always keep in mind the environmental conditions of your location. However, the most common fertilizer used by growers for this particular plant is ... Read More »

What Plants Can Use Fish Scales as Fertilizer?

Every part of the fish is an effective fertilizer, providing necessary nutrients to plants. Fish fertilizer exists in two forms: liquid emulsion or home composted fish remains. Though fish scales a... Read More »

What Fertilizer Works Best for House Plants?

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