What are the effects of manmade fertilizer on plants?

Answer [1] Artificial, commercial, conventional, synthetic fertilizers emphasize the three most common nutrients in healthy soil: nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium. That's why they're ka npk fertilizers. [2... Read More »

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Experiments on the Effects of Nitrogen Fertilizer on Plants?

Nitrogen fertilizer does not only affect the plants it is applied to. It also affects the soil the plants are in and the animals that eat nitrogen-fertilized plants. Clinical study results have sho... Read More »

Effects of Organic vs. Inorganic Fertilizer on the Environment?

Organic and inorganic fertilizers are used to perk up your lawn by strengthening the root system of your grass. Inorganic fertilizers consist of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium chemical mixtures... Read More »

Fertilizer for Jasmine Plants?

Fragrant jasmine with its snow white flowers thrives in the warm temperatures of the South. However, in the cooler areas of the North, above U.S. Department of Agriculture hardiness zone 7, jasmine... Read More »

How to Know What Fertilizer to Use On Your Garden Plants and When to Use It?

Learning how to choose fertilizer for your garden plants can be a daunting process. Fertilizers differ in important ways, including what they are composed of, their mineral content, and whether the... Read More »