Has anyone else had bad side effects with the m366 pill is it a Norco or regular hydrocodone?

Answer The ONLY difference in Norco and lortab, hydrocodone, whatever you what to call it is the amount of tylenol. You may be having a bad reaction just to hydrocodone,,, that happens a lot. If you d... Read More »

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How much hydrocodone do I take for my pain?

You ever see "Gateway to Heroin" on CNBC?

I took to 3 hydrocodone pills at once HELP?

It half way sounds like you are worried about the amount of hydrocodone tablets you have taken. Most of those tablets are paracetamol and a fair dose of it, but I doubt it's enough to do you harm. ... Read More »

What Does a Hydrocodone Tablet Look Like?

Hydrocodone is a prescription pharmaceutical, an opioid derivative belonging to a class of drugs known as narcotic analgesics, of which morphine and codeine are also a part of. It exerts its pharma... Read More »

Asking Doctor for Hydrocodone?

You should go to a pain specialists. Not a regular doctor.