What are the effects of forceps delivery for the newborn child and its mother?

Answer Answer A forceps delivery may be quite traumatic for the mother and the child, both physically and (for the mother) psychologically. However forceps deliveries are usually only performed when the... Read More »

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If a newborn child is in phyisical danger can the underaged mother and child leave the area without getting into trouble with cops?

Answer If a newborn is really in physical danger, get ahold of Social Services and they will probably help the mother and child leave the area.

Where does the child comes out from a mother's body during the time of delivery?

The baby travels from the Uterus( the womb), and out of the birth canal (the vagina).

Which last name should an unwed mother give her newborn child?

An unwed mother has complete control over what to name the child. She should give the child her own last name since it is likely she will have complete responsibility for the child. If the parents ... Read More »

What are the effects of cytotec pills to the child if the mother took it while she was pregnant but the child was not aborted?

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