What are the effects of fertilizers on plant growth?

Answer Fertilizers promote plant growth through a variety of mechanisms. Most notably, fertilizers provide essential nutrients which are often limited in natural systems, such as nitrogen and phosphorus. ... Read More »

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Which precautions can gardeners take so that chemical fertilizers stimulate plant growth at concentrations that are not so high as to damage roots?

That the product is used on the particular plant that it's intended for and that the product is applied completely in accordance with the product's instructions are the precautions that gardeners c... Read More »

The Effects of Plant Growth Regulators?

Plant growth processes take place in a plant's root system, stems, leaves and flowers. Plant growth regulators are substances that act in much the same way as plant hormones do and that can be admi... Read More »

The Effects of Vitamins on Plant Growth?

Plants require certain nutrients to grow, thrive and produce. Their exterior appearance and growth rate indicates good health or nutritional deficiency. Plants obtain necessary elements for growth,... Read More »

The Effects of Cigarette Smoke on Plant Growth?

Human health risks related to cigarette smoking have been a topic of discussion for many years. Research from many sources has shown that it promotes various diseases, increases birth defect risk a... Read More »