What are the effects of eating Basil while pregnant?

Answer During pregnancy Basil should not be taken in any form. Although the side effects of taking basil during pregnancy are not known still it should be avoided especially in the first trimester.

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How do you tell if you are pregnant and what side effects do you have like eating too much or your stomach hurting or feeling sick a lot?

Answer There is no way to tell that your pregnant by your symptoms alone. The only way to confirm a pregnancy is by taking an at home pregnancy test and seeing your doctor.The symptoms I have expe... Read More »

What Is Eating the Leaves of My Basil Plants?

Unless you are the culprit, the next rational choice for what is eating the leaves of your basil plant is insects. Basil (Ocimum basilicum L.), as a species, is prone to several insect problems tha... Read More »

Slugs Are Eating My Basil Plants?

Slugs are common pests among tender basil plants. Whether grown in containers or in a garden bed, slugs are a serious threat to basil leaves. Protect outdoor basil plants and eliminate slugs to kee... Read More »

How can you get bugs to stop eating your basil plant?

you need a spray bottle.put a TBL Spoon of murphys oil and fill the rest with water.spray any plant with it it help alot