What are the effects of constantly eating ice?

Answer Oooh! Something that can relate to. In addition to possible teeth cracks, your teeth kinda shifts a bit and your mouth looks kinda weird (like, too big?). This can only be fixed by braces or surgery.

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What are the long-term cardiac effects of chronic insomnia and constantly disrupted sleep patterns?

Cut and paste from there has been some concern that insomnia may increase the risk for heart problems, little evidence has supported any significant dangers. One study re... Read More »

What are the long term effects on the body when you constantly intake splenda and other sugar substitutes on a daily basis?

cancer The long term affects of using substitue sugar can cause cancer.AnswerGenerally, sugar substitutes have been shown to be safe in moderation. Whether they actually promote weight loss is ques... Read More »

What are the intellectual effects of healthy eating?

There can be many intellectual effects of healthy eating, however it can depend on the persons overall mental attitude. Generally, however, healthy eating supplies the body with more lasting, subst... Read More »

What are the side effects of eating mold?

Not really anything, depending on the type of mold though. It just tastes really nasty.