What are the effects of changing shutter speeds?

Answer Shutter speed affects the way pictures are captured. for instance..while capturing a speedy action ( like a sport action ) it is desirable to decrease the shutter speed while when you want to shoot... Read More »

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How to Use Slow Shutter Speeds for Image Effects?

Since the invention of the camera, photographers and audiences alike have been fascinated by the images resulting from slow shutter photography. Depending on the conditions, the images may be abstr... Read More »

What are the shutter speeds on a canon 450d?

The Effects of Not Changing Your Oil in Your Car?

The standard petroleum oil used in automobiles begins to break down the moment the engine is run. The quality of the oil and the additives within it help to keep the rate of that breakdown within a... Read More »

How many seconds is a normal shutter speed i have a nikon n80 with adjustable shutter speed and i was wondering what the noraml shutter speed is?

Shutter speed depends upon available light, aperture, the subject, and camera settings. If a picture is being taken in low light with a slow lens (larger aperture number), then the shutter may need... Read More »