What are the effects of being a single boy in a family of girls?

Answer There's no exact answer to this question but: The boy may be a macho jerk: What I mean by this is that since he's the only boy, all the women of the house will call him 'the man of the house' or s... Read More »

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Is a condominium a single family or a multi family dwelling?

It all depends.The answer depends on who's 'looking' at the property. A bank, for example, may consider it a condominium, and thereby apply certain rental percentage limits on the association befor... Read More »

How many of an extended family can live in a single family rental?

Your sister's husband's brother is not related to you. He is your sister's brother-in-law or, if you prefer, your brother-in-law's brother. If he is nice, he can be just as much part of the family ... Read More »

Single Parents and Their Effects on Education?

The link between single-parent households and the educational outcomes of their children reveals the unique challenges parents -- most often single mothers -- face. The likelihood of behavioral pr... Read More »

Effects of Economic Recessions on Single Mothers?

Single mothers may be either divorced women with children or never-married women who had children. According to the United States Census Bureau, in 2001, 16.3 million children under the age of 18 l... Read More »