What are the effects of antihelminthic drugs on pregnancy?

Answer There is research evidence reporting that some antihelminthic drugs cause birth defects or miscarriage in animal studies.

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I took some drugs for back pains some days back without realising i was three weeks going in my pregnancy. Will the drugs affect my baby?

Most likely they will not hurt your baby, although there is a small chance. the most important part is to NEVER EVER take them again. You sound like a good mommy for being concerned, so im sure you... Read More »

What are the Prohibited drugs during pregnancy?

No, ibuprofen is perfectly safe for you and your baby during pregnancy and even afterwards, as long as you follow the directions on the packaging. Think, what does the hospital give babies when the... Read More »

What are safe hypertension drugs to use during pregnancy?

AnswerAsk your doctor, my doctor prescribed methyldopa for my high blood pressure, but I am breastfeeding, not pregnant. If you have high blood pressure, your doctor will know whats best for you an... Read More »

What effects can illegal drugs whilst pregnant have on a baby?

How about producing a child who goes into withdrawal as soon as it is born...for starters.