What are the effects of antibiotics on bacteria evolution?

Answer Use of antibiotics causes bacteria to evolve the ability to survive exposure to them, a trait called antibiotic resistance. Antibiotics that are used improperly can speed up bacteria evolution.Bact... Read More »

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Please describe how bacteria becomes resistant to antibiotics?

1. Spontaneous mutation in the bacterium’s DNA.Many antibiotics work by inactivating an essential bacterial protein. Genetic change can remove that protein. Also, mutations in the target protein ... Read More »

Can Keflex Antibiotics Treat Staph Bacteria?

Yes. Keflex is a Cephalosporin prescribed mainly for Staph bacteria. It is used as a prophylaxis before surgery and as a prescription for 10 to 14 days after a mild to moderate skin infection. If t... Read More »

Antibiotics, is it for virus, or bacteria, or both teacher doesn't really sure abt it?

Anti-biotics do NOT kill viruses - they are useless against them. The over prescribing of them for virus related illnesses is part of what is causing the "resistance crisis" right now. Viruses requ... Read More »

Can probiotic supplements restore 100 % gut bacteria after taking 3 months of antibiotics?

To have any real effect, you would need to take a probiotic with a very high CFU (colony forming units). Several good brands have 50 Billion per serving. VSL#3 has 450 Billion per packet. Combine t... Read More »