How to Study the Physiological Effects of Dopamine on the Human Body?

Answer The nervous system of humans is functionally mediated through the effect of several organic compounds that are known clinically as neurotranmsitters. This name is ascribed to these organic compound... Read More »

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What is the side effects of metal cutting on a human body?

Which part of the human body would produce the least disabling effects when shot by a single bullet from a gun?

Good question :) ... Even though I don't know either you and your background, you sound like you either studied this subject before ("for fun") or you're actually someone with a medical field. I am... Read More »

Why was kava kava removed from rat bastard root beer?

It could be all the hype about kava damaging the liver. It doesn't, but maybe they don't want to take any chances? IDK why they would do that now, kava and liver damage is very old news. Pacific Is... Read More »

How can i make kava kava pills as effective as possilbe?

You can make a tea.. I'm not sure if you can smoke it, but I suppose it's worth a shot. Be sure it's totally natural and organic. If you don't want to empty out each pill, then take the recommend... Read More »