What are the duties/privileges of Wikipedia admins?

Answer Administrators, commonly known as admins or sysops (system operators), are Wikipedia users with the technical ability to do the following:* apply page protection to prevent vandalism to a particula... Read More »

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Why do so many Wikipedia admins assume that all critics of Wikipedia are "banned former users"?

Because it's the easiest way to discredit critics. Wikipedians are lazy like that.It's like someone gets kicked out of the Army and then they start criticizing the military every chance they get. W... Read More »

How many Wikipedia admins are there?

There are 1,468 total admins on the English Wikipedia. Out of all of them, 698 are active.

Why is there a shortage of admins at Wikipedia?

In theory, anyone can become an admin, as long as they show that they can be trusted with the responsibility of using those extra tools properly. That's why there's no requirements for nominating y... Read More »

How to Regain Admins on a Standard Computer?

Setting a profile on your PC to administration status gives that profile sole access to changing programs and other settings on your computer. This helps prevent other users from altering aspects o... Read More »