What are the duties of the US attorney general?

Answer you add up all the numbers in the sequence then divde your answer by how many numbers there are in the sequance so if you had the numbers20, 19, 7, 45, 2 you would add them up which equals 93 then ... Read More »

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What does general power of attorney mean?

Giving someone you trust power of attorney is a very common action, especially among the elderly, to protect assets or just for help with everyday tasks. However, this does not mean relinquishing a... Read More »

What Are the Skills for General Office Duties?

General office workers complete a variety of tasks throughout the office and provide support to office staff members as well as other personnel in the business. General office workers do not need a... Read More »

What Are the Duties of an Executive Assistant to the General Manager?

Executive assistants are often the right-hand man to their general manager. The executive assistant is responsible for providing office support to their manager and managing their daily schedule, t... Read More »

Duties & Responsibilities of an Attorney?

It is standard, acceptable practice for all lawyers to adhere to certain standards of professional conduct. These responsibilities and duties are set forth in a professional standards code. The s... Read More »