What are the duties of a shepherd?

Answer Though sheep are relatively low-maintenance milk, meat and wool producers, shepherds are sometimes used to guard, gather, feed and provide medical care for the flock. Some shepherds work with dogs ... Read More »

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What was shepherd book's first name in firefly?

What are some causes of diarrhea in a German shepherd?

German shepherd dogs occasionally have diarrhea. Most cases are self-limiting and can be treated by simple measures. Occasionally, a dog will have diarrhea caused by a more severe disease.Garbage E... Read More »

What Foods Should I Not Feed My German Shepherd?

Despite what your German shepherd may want you to believe, he shouldn't eat everything in sight. In fact, many foods are quite harmful to German shepherds. Many are foods that most owners wouldn't ... Read More »

What Is the Difference Between the Alsatian & German Shepherd Dogs?

Fewer dog breeds appear as similar as the Alsatian (officially knows as the Alsatian shepalute or American Alsatian) and the German shepherd, and fewer breeds are so radically different. Matching o... Read More »