What are the duties of a nephrologist?

Answer Nearly every medical specialty has a name that is hard to pronounce and just as hard to understand. A nephrologist may save your life one day, but how?DefinitionNephrology is the area of medicine f... Read More »

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What is a transplant nephrologist?

The kidney transplant team is composed of doctors, nurses, social workers and nutritionists who work to ensure patients receive the best support and care before and after surgery. A transplant neph... Read More »

How to Become a Nephrologist?

Nephrology is a branch of internal medicine dealing with the function and diseases of the kidneys. A nephrologist is a trained physician who is responsible for the diagnosis and treatment of kidney... Read More »

Should you see a nephrologist or a urologist for nephrolithiasis?

On One Hand: A Urologist Will Remove a Lodged StoneNephrolithiasis, or kidney stones, are solid crystallized masses that can develop in the kidney or ureter. In most cases, a person will simply pas... Read More »

How can a nephrologist write on a death certificate?

Any physician can sign a death certificate in most places.Having said that, a patient with septic shock & pneumonia would normally not have a nephrologist as her main doctor in the hospital. An int... Read More »