What are the duties of a civil lawyer?

Answer A civil lawyer is an attorney who represents plaintiffs and defendants during non-criminal suits. Examples of civil suits include divorce and contract disputes. To become a civil lawyer, one must g... Read More »

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What Is a Civil Rights Lawyer?

The term "civil rights lawyer" refers to a lawyer who specializes in legal issues involving discrimination against individuals on the basis of characteristics of the individual that are protected b... Read More »

What Types of Cases Does a Civil Lawyer Represent?

Basically, civil lawyers represent any cases that are not criminal. There are many different types of civil law, ranging from agriculture to war. The federal government has exclusive jurisdiction o... Read More »

What Are the Duties of a Defense Lawyer?

Whether hired by a defendant---the accused---or appointed to a defendant by the court, defense attorneys are tasked with assisting the accused in proving their innocence. While the burden of proof ... Read More »

The Salary of a Civil Rights Lawyer?

Civil rights lawyers are fully licensed and qualified members of at least one state bar association. While other lawyers might focus on criminal prosecution or business law, civil rights lawyers fo... Read More »