What are the downsides of buying a co-op apartment?

Answer Depending on the process the board follows when screening applicants, be aware that you may be required to bear significant scrutiny. The board may -- and legally so -- inspect your: Financial heal... Read More »

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What is the difference between buying a co-op apartment vs. a condominium?

A purchase in a co-operative does not include land or buildings directly. In a condominium, you typically purchase the unit you live in (with its own unique tax parcel number), plus an undivided i... Read More »

How Do I Factor in Depreciation in Buying an Apartment?

In normal usage, depreciation is the decrease in an asset's value due to any cause. In financial accounting, depreciation refers to a procedure to represent the constant decrease in an asset's valu... Read More »

Looking at buying a 10 unit apartment building in Cleveland Ohio.?

Yes, it's ROC. problem is, the Latin gangs are making a push for 117th south on Lorain and Madison aves on the Cleveland/lakewood border. Not a pretty war at all.

What are the downsides to composting?

[1] If composting's done correctly, there's no downside other than a commitment to regular checking and turning. [2] There'll be downsides if material that shouldn't be composted is used. Examples ... Read More »