What are the downsides of buying a co-op apartment?

Answer Depending on the process the board follows when screening applicants, be aware that you may be required to bear significant scrutiny. The board may -- and legally so -- inspect your: Financial heal... Read More »

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How Do I Factor in Depreciation in Buying an Apartment?

In normal usage, depreciation is the decrease in an asset's value due to any cause. In financial accounting, depreciation refers to a procedure to represent the constant decrease in an asset's valu... Read More »

What is the difference between buying a co-op apartment vs. a condominium?

A purchase in a co-operative does not include land or buildings directly. In a condominium, you typically purchase the unit you live in (with its own unique tax parcel number), plus an undivided i... Read More »

Looking at buying a 10 unit apartment building in Cleveland Ohio.?

Yes, it's ROC. problem is, the Latin gangs are making a push for 117th south on Lorain and Madison aves on the Cleveland/lakewood border. Not a pretty war at all.

Is it lawful for a co-op managing agent to tell a prospective buyer that an apartment he is thinking of buying will not appraise for the asking price?

Answer"Lawful" Yes. Ethical, No. Of course, the person could be voicing their personal opinion rather than fact. If that were illegal lots of us would be in mucho trouble! AnswerIn some states the... Read More »