What are the down sides to being eating a plant base diet?

Answer Possible iron deficiency, since iron from plants is less absorbable than iron from meats, and some people have little ability to absorb it at all.Possible rise in grocery costs. Cheap meat goes far... Read More »

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Why are the leaves of my prayer plant curling inward from the sides?

While the prayer plant folds up its colorful leaves at night, in the manner of praying hands, signs of folding or curling during the day indicate the plant needs watering.TypesThe prayer plant, als... Read More »

How to Stick to Your Diet While Eating Out?

Image:Surprising Sign Taco Bell.jpg251pxLet's face it- when you're eating out at a restaurant it's almost impossible to resist all the delicious fattening foods on the menu and at other tables. One... Read More »

How to Manage Eating out While Maintaining Your Diet?

Ever wonder how you are going to manage to eat out while maintaining your weight? The following suggestions will help maintain weight while enjoying the luxury or eating out.

Are you eating the healthy fish that you should Are these in your diet?

If it was up to me i would live on sea food but i cant afford it. I could live on a strict diet of shrimp and cocktail sauce. Monday fried shrimp, Tuesday coconut shrimp, wednesday shrimp scampi, t... Read More »