What are the down sides to being eating a plant base diet?

Answer Possible iron deficiency, since iron from plants is less absorbable than iron from meats, and some people have little ability to absorb it at all.Possible rise in grocery costs. Cheap meat goes far... Read More »

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[All else being equal]: Does eating a nutrient-rich, but calorie restricted diet contribute to longevity?

I hope my eating habits bring me a long life. it's the same basic diet and lifestyle that allowed all my grandparents to live into their nineties. Although my body is beat to hell, I'm in excellent... Read More »

Is being very tired eating a lot being sick and having headaches signs of being pregnant?

Answer Yes, those can all be symptoms of pregnancy. Take a home test or go see a doctor to find out for sure.

How to Cut Down the Sides of Your Toenails?

Cutting your toenails in the proper manner can be the difference between healthy feet and toes and feet that hurt and are prone to infections. According to the Everyday Health website, foot pain is... Read More »

What is the clean-eating diet by Tosca Reno?

The Eat-Clean Diet is a program geared towards healthy living through healthy eating. It focuses on avoiding processed foods and excess chemicals.HistoryWhile fitness writer and model Tosca Reno is... Read More »