What are the distances between speed limit signs?

Answer The distances depend on state law and location. For example, in New York State, the second speed limit sign must be within 1100 feet of the first, with subsequent signs spaced at the speed limit nu... Read More »

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How do you tell what the speed limit is, if there are no signs UK?

If there are no signs (I'm assuming you're driving a solo car) - 60mph on single-carriageways.70mph on dual-carriageways (including motorways).30mph in built-up areas A built-up area is defined as ... Read More »

What is the distance between speed limit signs?

According to the Federal Highway Administration, the typical distance between speed limit signs is 100 feet in low-speed urban areas, 350 feet in high-speed urban areas, 500 feet in rural areas and... Read More »

Spacing of Speed Limit Signs in Pennsylvania?

Pennsylvania has specific rules for the posting of speed limits within the state, on freeways, highways, and other roads. When these rules are not observed, and the speed limit is not properly post... Read More »

Who is in charge of speed limit signs in Pima County?

The speed limit signs in Pima County, Arizona are maintained by the division manager of traffic engineering within the Department of Transportation. The division oversees all types of signs, paveme... Read More »