What are the disadvantages of watching T.V?

Answer It makes you stupidGives you a very unrealistic idea of what life is if you actuall let it influence youteaches you to be a passive observer of things.Distracts you from doing something constructiv... Read More »

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What is more annoying Watching Britney Spears or Watching Paris Hilton?

Paris Hilton - she's too full of herself.

What's the difference between watching 3D contents on active vs watching on passive?

Hi Brandon. LG WRman Sherlock here!Active 3D may cause more discomfort than passive 3D. LG’s CINEMA 3D technology has eliminated flickering and shuttering from the 3D glasses allowing the user to... Read More »

When watching TV do you care what is on the channel you are watching or do you care what else is on TV ?

I'm always trying to surf through for that perfect show until i find it

I have a samsung le37r88bd, the picture quality is good when watching hdtv but rubbish when watching normal tv?

There's not much you can do when watching standard definition on a HDTV. It will always be a bit grainy. SD is 480 lines of resolution. HD is 720 or 1080. There's no way to increase SD. You can try... Read More »