What are the disadvantage of cordless mouse ?

Answer Well the batteries are one of the main reasons, they have a tendency to go flat at the most inopportune times, (especially if your a gamer) and they make the mouse heavier than usual too. The signa... Read More »

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Cordless Keyboards and Mouse!!?

yes they all require batteries you can put a rechargeable battery

What are the best batteries to use in a cordless mouse?

I have a microsoft wireless mouse and replace the duracell battery about once every 2 months. Do you leave your computer on all the time?

Who invented the cordless mouse?

In 1984, to complement the Metaphor computer system, Logitech introduced the first cordless mouse. It used an infrared beam similar to television remote controls to relay information to a base unit... Read More »

Installation of a Cordless Mouse?

Cordless mice offer a convenient alternative to standard wired mice. In addition to being highly portable, a cordless mouse doesn't require a mouse pad, and its operating distance is not limited by... Read More »