What are the dimensions of a cremation urn?

Answer The dimensions of a cremation urn depend on the displacement of the cremated remains (cremains), which vary among individuals. However, the cremains of an average adult displace about 200 cubic inc... Read More »

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What is the cost of pet euthanasia and cremation?

Any dog, even well-trained ones, can attack if they are scared or feel threatened.

What does cremation cost in Wisconsin?

The price of cremation in Wisconsin can vary depending on the funeral home and the desired service options. Cremation costs typically start around $2,000, which includes the cremation fee, a servic... Read More »

What does it cost for a cremation in Maine?

The price range for a basic cremation in the state of Maine ranges between $950 and $2,495, as of July 2010. The price depends on choice of urn, obituary, memorial service, paperwork, permits and m... Read More »

What Does the Catholic Church Say About Cremation?

The Bible passage "ashes to ashes, dust to dust" means that people came from ashes and shall return to ashes upon death. The rotting away of the body until it consists solely of ashes can take hund... Read More »