What are the dimensions of a cremation urn?

Answer The dimensions of a cremation urn depend on the displacement of the cremated remains (cremains), which vary among individuals. However, the cremains of an average adult displace about 200 cubic inc... Read More »

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DIY Cremation Urns?

The choice of a cremation urn is a personal decision and can be changed at any time. Depending upon where the urn will be kept, and considering local regulations, what the urn looks like and its co... Read More »

How hot are cremation ovens?

Anywhere between 800 and 1150 degrees Celsius.

Can you have a headstone with a cremation?

Burials can take place using a casket or coffin with the body intact or after the body is cremated and placed into a box or an urn. It is entirely possible and often customary to bury an urn, box o... Read More »

What is the cost of pet euthanasia and cremation?

Any dog, even well-trained ones, can attack if they are scared or feel threatened.