Wood: Full cord vs Face cord?

Answer a cord is 4ft. x 4ft. by 8 ft. long...a face cord is 4ft. high by 8 ft. long by whatever length your stove will handle...some will take a 2 ft. log. but most small stoves will only do a 18 or 16 in... Read More »

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How to Measure a Cord of Wood?

A cord is the standard of measurement for buying and selling firewood. It is a legal term that specifically means 128 cubic feet of firewood that is tightly stacked. Some firewood vendors may use t... Read More »

What is the volume of a cord of wood?

The volume of a cord of wood equals 128 cubic feet. For example, a stack of wood 4 feet long by 4 feet wide by 8 feet high equals a cord. However it's stacked, the volume must be 128 cubic feet.Ref... Read More »

How do I make a hole in a wood wall for a cord?

Determine the Hole SizeMeasure the diameter of the cylindrical shaft of a wall grommet sized to fit your cable with a tape measure. Reference the grommet installation instructions if you are unsure... Read More »

How to Fix the Pull Cord Starter on Wood Splitter Machine?

Most wood splitters use a hydraulic pump that is powered by a small engine much like those used on a lawn mower. Typically, these engines use a pull cord starter that recoils into a pulley in the s... Read More »