What are the dimensions of a baby grand piano?

Answer Baby grand pianos come in different sizes. A Yamaha GC2 Baby Grand is 5' 8" (173 cm) long, 59" (149 cm) wide and 40" (101 cm) tall, according to the Sherman Clay Piano Company of Houston, Texas. St... Read More »

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How big is a baby grand piano?

A grand piano's length is measured from the front of the keyboard to the back of the instrument. A baby grand piano is 6 feet long. The largest grand piano, the concert grand, measures between 7 an... Read More »

How many keys does a baby grand piano have?

A standard baby grand piano has 88 keys, the same number as most other pianos. Typically, 36 of those keys are black keys, or sharps. The other 52 keys are white. The keys cover frequencies from 27... Read More »

How much does a baby grand piano weigh?

A baby grand piano, on the average, can weigh from 500 to 600 pounds. The smallest grand piano has a length of 54 inches. This length is also equivalent to an upright piano.Source:Indie-Music: Keyb... Read More »

The Value of a Wurlitzer Baby Grand Piano?

Wurlitizer is one of the most recognized piano brands in the world today. Many people considered the brand to be synonymous with high quality and good value. However, regardless of one's opinion ... Read More »