What are the dimensions of a DVD case inches please.?

Answer Max, the cheap clear ones from Walmart for DVDs you make yourself are 5 5/8 x 5.The most common size for the ones you buy with the new DVD is 5 1/2 x 7 1/2.

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What are the dimensions of a cd jewel case?

Standard single CD jewel cases are 4.875 inches high, 5.5 inches wide, and 0.375 inch deep (125 x 145 x 10 millimeters). Double-CD jewel cases have the same exterior measurements, but quadruple CD ... Read More »

Why are the dimensions of photographs written in inches?

convention, most people would be more comfortable with cm or mm so feel free to use them

How big is a CD case in inches?

A typical plastic CD case is 5.59 inches in length by 4.92 inches in width by 0.39 inches in depth. This gives the CD case a volume of 10.72 cubic inches. This size case has been used since the y... Read More »

What are the parallel parking dimensions is Pennsylvania please answer.?

Park your vehicle midway between two uprights in a space that is 24 feet long and eight feet wide. Your entire vehicle must be completely inside the space, and you cannot make contact with any of t... Read More »