What are the dimensions of a 3-car garage?

Answer The standard size for a three-car garage is 28 feet by 22 feet, but larger, custom-sized garages may also be built to order. A three-car garage can easily fit a mixture of cars, trucks and SUVs whi... Read More »

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What are the average dimensions for a garage?

Garage sizes can vary depending on the size of the vehicles and the amount of extra space that is needed. The average size of a one-car garage is 12 by 20 feet. For a two car garage, the average si... Read More »

What are the dimensions of a single-car garage?

It is recommended that a single-car garage be at least 12-feet wide and 22-feet deep. That is considered the minimum, as cars vary in size and people generally find use for any extra space.Source:P... Read More »

What are the dimensions of a garage door?

The dimensions of a garage door vary according to the architecture, vehicle size and house age. But the Holmes Garage Door Company manufactures common garage doors ranging in size from 8 feet wide ... Read More »

What are the usual dimensions of a two car and a three car garage?

2 car 20x20, better yet is 24x243 car 30w x 24 give or take.Comment:20x20 (400 ft2) barely accommodates two of today's cars, and leaves very little room for anything else such as snow blower (for u... Read More »