What are the diffrintsis between an ipod and CD player?

Answer There are many differences, but the main things are that an ipod can store music, pictures, and sometimes videos. An ipod can be either portable or you can hook it up to a stereo. You can use it pr... Read More »

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Are audio books best played on an Ipod MP3 player or MP4 player?

iPod and mp4 have the same quality. mp4s are better than mp3s.iPod and Mp4

What is better An Ipod, or an Mp3 Player?

mate i know the right answer i swear! first of all, and IPOD IS an MP3 player. it plays mp3 songs. but it's known as the IPOD. anyway, if your looking at an mp3 player, not a video player, then get... Read More »

Which one should i get Ipod or MP3 player?

Ipod is an mp3 player, but it would depend on what your looking for...the Ipod is popular and they have their own store, and even tho they have the Itunes program...its so annoying to put music on ... Read More »

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