What are the different trophic levels of the food web?

Answer A food web describes the passage of nutrients and energy between different organisms. Essentially, the trophic level describes an organism's position in the web, or what eats what. Food chains are ... Read More »

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How to Teach Trophic Levels?

Trophic levels are one of the founding concepts of the food chain. Later in scientific education, the differentiation of trophic levels becomes blurred as food chains give way to food webs. However... Read More »

Primary Trophic Levels?

Food webs and food chains are made up of various trophic (which literally means "feeding") levels. Each trophic level (decomposer, producer or consumer) plays a vital role in the ecosystems to whic... Read More »

How many trophic levels do most ecosystems contain?

Trophic levels refer to the feeding levels in a food chain. Most ecosystems contain three trophic levels: primary consumers, which are herbivores that eat producers (plants), secondary consumers (c... Read More »

What is the ecological energy flow between trophic levels?

The energy flow between trophic levels occurs during times of feeding. When a member of one trophic level eats a member of another trophic level, the energy is consumed by, and transferred to, the ... Read More »