What are the different traits that keeps harmonious to the family?

Answer 1.)Love/caring2.)communication3.)understanding4.)trust

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What are the traits of a harmonious family relationship?

harmonious family traits are they are having their family reunion spending time together a family that every family member respects each other

How to Make Your Family More Harmonious?

If you're reading this you probably have some sort of minor disputes at home. This will help keep simple family matters under control, such as what to watch on TV, computer/video game times, what m... Read More »

Adoptees in reunion: Do you have more traits, tastes, interests in common with your bio or adoptive family?

Bio. A quick and dirty summary:politically = bioreligiously = bioacademically = bioreading = bioappearances = biopersonality = biotheatre = biowriting = biosense of humor = adoptive (though I don'... Read More »

What is harmonious relationship?

In general, it is viewed as a "lack of abuse". Both partners look out for one another, and don't put each other down. They live in "harmony", an ideal relationship with only optimism.