What is the meaning of birth stones?

Answer A birthstone is a precious or semiprecious gem associated with the month of a person's birth. There is not a definitive list of birthstones, but rather a wide variety spanning many cultures and tra... Read More »

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Most Valuable Birth Stones?

Birthstones are gems that are associated with an individual's month of birth beginning with garnets for January and ending with turquoise for December. The list of monthly birthstones can differ sl... Read More »

A mother gave birth to twin boys but they were born in different years and on different days And no the boys are not part of 2 sets How can this be possible?

The first boy was born on the last day of the year. The second was born on the first.right but the first was born at 11:59p.m the other sometime after midnite

What do the different colors mean in a birth control wheel?

The different colors on a birth control wheel signify the different amounts of hormones in each pill. Each pill in the pack must be taken in a specific order, usually a different color for each sep... Read More »

In the uk were does all the different freight go like steel, coal, stones .e.g on the freight trains?

Your question is a bit like asking "how long is a bit of string?", but in general terms freight is moved in 'block' train-loads from one point to another. These traffic flows include:Container traf... Read More »