What are the differences between photochromic lenses and color-tinted eyeglasses lenses?

Answer Photochromic lenses and color-tints are different. The difference between photochromic lenses and ordinary color lenses is that photochromic lenses can change from light to dark depending on the am... Read More »

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Weaknesses of Transitions Photochromic Lenses?

Photochromic lenses are those which darken when exposed to sunlight. Often referred to as "transitions lenses" this is in fact a reference to the largest retailer of photochromic lenses, Transition... Read More »

Do you think eyeglasses are better than contact lenses?

Yes Contact lens more safer now a days with more supply of oxygen to the cornea(silicone hydrogels)called breathable contact lensAdvantages :feild of vision is more when compare to spectacles. Cosm... Read More »

Eyeglasses vs. Contact Lenses?

contacts are fantastic. they give you better vision, dont' get dirty/broken etc. You do have the initial learning thing as it takes a month to get good getting them in/out . After that you are off.... Read More »

Why do my transition lenses stay tinted indoors?

They are 3 years old...that is why.They just don't work well anymore when they start getting old...3 years is old for them.