What are the differences between manure and fertilizer?

Answer Manure is fresh crap from an animal who is an herbivore. Compost is manure that has aged and will no longer harm the plants you put it on. Fresh Manure will "burn" your plants but once it has sat f... Read More »

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Differences Between Human & Animal Manure?

Manure: It smells, it's unpleasant to see and it certainly isn't dinner table conversation. But it's something that both animals and humans produce. There are several differences between human and ... Read More »

Difference between farmyard manure and compost manure?

Manure is manure is manure. Humanure, cow manure, horse manure, it's all poo. Compost manure is just manure that's been composted (left to rot and break down). Most manure starts off hot, literall... Read More »

What is the difference between organic fertilizer and inorganic fertilizer?

In general, the only difference between organic and inorganic fertilizer is that organic fertilizers are usually made from natural materials such as compost, manure, or something similar, while ino... Read More »

Why is cow manure a good fertilizer?

Natural fertilizers provide soil with the nutrients, bacteria and organic matter it needs to support plant life. Cow manure offers these ingredients in the right balance to help ensure a thriving g... Read More »