What are the differences between cd-writer and cd-rewriteable?

Answer rewritables you can just use them over and over again.

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Is a DVD+R rewriteable?

The DVD+R recording media format is a single-write technology. However, there are a number of rewritable DVD formats available you may be able to use. Two of theses are the DVD+RW and DVD-RW disks ... Read More »

Is a DVD+R drive rewriteable?

A DVD-R optical drive cannot write to CDs or DVDs. To write (commonly referred to as "burning") a DVD/CD, you need a DVD-RW optical drive. DVD-RW stands for Digital Video Disc Rewritable.References... Read More »

Is the blue ray disk rewriteable?

Like CDs or DVDs, Blue ray can be rewritable.

How to convert ordinary CD to rewritable CD Please guide me. I have cdrom, cd writer, dvd writer with me.?

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