What are the differences between Canon A and SD model digital cameras?

Answer The SD models are more compact, always rectangular in shape, and are powered by proprietary lithium ion batteries. Their control buttons' layout is fairly simple, without complicated manual control... Read More »

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What are the differences between Canon SX and SD model digital cameras?

Differences Between SX and SD ModelsThe difference is between their MPs, Zooms and Series.---------- EDIT ----------The SX series is more of an advanced line. Their cameras include manual exposure ... Read More »

Will your Canon T70 35mm film camera lenses fit on any of the digital Canon SLR cameras?

I don't think they will fit any. The lens mount was changed right after the Canon T70. Someone told me they will fit a Nikon so I'm trying to find that out. (They don't fit Nikon cameras.)Canon T70... Read More »

Can Canon EOS Rebel XS 35-85mm film lenses be used with Canon EOS digital cameras?

The Canon EOS Rebel XS camera lens is officially called a Canon EF or EF-S series lens. A 35-85mm lens in the EF/EF-S series is compatible with any Canon EOS digital camera that uses the EF or EF-S... Read More »

Is a Canon Rebel lens compatible with any Canon digital cameras?

The Canon Rebel film bodies use the EF mount lenses. All modern Canon EOS cameras, including all digital EOS cameras will also accept EF mount lense.The EF and EF-S lenses are compatible with the R... Read More »